Teachout Security


Nevermore has the safety within the schools & universities been as important as it is in today’s society. The safety of students, faculty and visitors should be a top priority for all schools & universities, which means you want a security service that is more than just your typical security guard standing at the door.

Teachout Security Solutions offers a comprehensive program that delivers service, safety and security that goes above and beyond the rest. Our trained officers are equipped to handle any situation, including medical emergencies. All of our officers are certified by the Red Cross in CPR, AED and first aid.

Superior Training

The educational environment poses many different threats, from dealing with angry parents, bullying or an active shooter. Teachout Security Solutions is licensed with Global Licensing Network to provide online training modules that are specific to such situations.

Prior to becoming a security guard for schools, our trainees are required to complete these training modules so they are fully prepared for any situation.

Create a Team

In order to provide the best security for schools, our security guards create a team with the school’s teachers and staff members. This means our security guards must be on the same page with the school’s staff members when a situation occurs.

We have a certified instructor who educates the teachers and staff members on the simple things they can do to maximize safety in any situation.

If you’re looking for the best in school & university security, give us a call today at 1-800-747-0755 for more information.