Teachout Security


As a Manager of a financial institution, you are aware of the concern for security. Ensuring the safety of employees and clients is the main priority in the financial world, and Teachout Security Solutions offers the perfect package.

Our security officers are not only trained for situations that occur in financial facilities, but they are also familiar with site specific operations. Your Teachout Security officer will be trained specifically for your environment. We will work to ensure officers not only become well-acquainted with your facilities but also with your employees.

Our officers are trained to be proactive and customer service oriented, deescalating situations before they start. You can expect to see our officers inside and outside your facility to protect your property and ensure the safety of all employees and visitors visiting your business.

Whether it’s protecting the facility grounds or providing escort services for major value movements, you can count on Teachout Security Solutions to provide the best officers for the job.

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