Teachout Security


The manufacturing industry has a high demand for security and often involves large facilities with a high number of employees. With the addition of heavy machinery, manufacturing facilities offer a unique set of challenges for security.

Teachout Security Solutions offers a high-quality security program for manufacturing companies, in which we deliver unmatched service, safety and security for manufacturing companies. Our program is detailed to ensure every contingency is considered and regulatory compliance is met while offering the flexibility to fit the culture of your organization.

What We Offer

  • Access Control
  • Officer Training
  • Reliable Response Time
  • Asset Tracking
  • Guest Registration
  • Concierge Service

Our officers will be trained to the highest possible level. They will come to understand your company’s needs and learn the layout of where they will work. Whether they stand guard at night or check in and out trucks at your facility, you can feel at ease knowing our security guards are well-equipped to handle any situation that may arise at your manufacturing facility.