Teachout Security

Consulting Solutions

The reputation of your company, as well as the safety of your employees, facilities, and assets, is of utmost importance. Often times, protecting your company requires investigative solutions, which we offer to clients globally.

We have decades of experience in consulting and investigative services, with a majority of our clients in the legal, corporate and insurance segments of the economy. Our leadership team members include seasoned security and investigations experts with a variety of credentials including:

  • Credentialed Healthcare Safety, Security, and Emergency Management Experts
  • Licensed and credentialed Certified Investigators
  • Physical Security Experts

What Makes Us The Best

The speed at which we are able to accomplish security assessments is unmatched. With our consulting solutions, we can accomplish a security assessment in a couple weeks, while other companies finish their assessments at a minimum of 3 to 4 months. We have many people who are credentialed to get assessments finished which allows us to accomplish security assessments quickly.

In addition to inspecting your overall process, our security consulting agents will take an in-depth look at your physical equipment, including alarms, cameras, video capabilities and more.

Executive Protection

Whether it’s protection from disgruntled employees related to layoffs, terminations or other circumstances, or travel to potentially dangerous environments, our security officers are trained to provide the best solutions for any event that may arise. We create security protocols to ensure the safety of executives, CEOs, board directors and more.

Our policy and procedure review ensure that our investigative group is well prepared for any situation and environment. Our consulting solutions include an in-depth scope of each client and what procedures are necessary to maintain protection and best security solutions at all times.

This group has the proven ability to respond to any investigative need, whether it is a discreet inquiry through due diligence and/or computer forensics.

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