Teachout Security

Armed Security Services


Whether managing an agitated individual or minimizing incidents, our armed security officers are equipped and have a high level of training to ensure all incidents are handled properly.

Our armed security officers are trained in the following:

  • Managing agitated persons
  • Minimizing incidents
  • Defensive tactics

Our security officers are also trained in PPCT, a less lethal alternative, which is used by police departments in most municipalities. Our officers can also be equipped and are trained and certified to use less lethal alternatives such as batons or pepper spray.

Our armed security officers are utilized in several locations or instances, including apartment complexes, employee terminations, movie theaters and other scenarios where your organization’s risk assessment warrants that level of protection.

Our high level of training separates our security officers from your typical security company. With high-level training and certifications, our armed security officers are prepared and have the resources to manage high-level threats.

In order for a security company to be successful, it must have the desire to provide the best solutions possible, no matter the client or the industry being served. For us, it begins with the client and focusing on their needs and exceeding their expectations.

Our guarantee is that we will ensure the client’s needs are clearly identified and met through initial client meetings. Once we are able to identify the client’s needs, we will provide a position description that we feel best fits your needs. Following a client review, we come to an agreement that the client is comfortable with.

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