We believe a successful, reputable security company is built through a combination of experience and a desire to provide the best possible solutions available. This is what makes Teachout Security Solutions one of the top providers of security around the globe.

With over 35 years of providing high-level security solutions to various industries, Teachout Security Solutions has established itself as one of the top providers of security solutions nationwide. From uniformed security officers to employee screening, Teachout Security Solutions can provide the best security solutions for you.

Customer focused…Service driven

As we mentioned before, in order for a security company to be successful, it must have the desire to provide the best solutions possible, no matter the client or the industry being served. For us, it begins with the client and focusing on their needs and exceeding their expectations. 

When you select Teachout, we provide:

  • Toll-free, 24-hour person-to-person communication and the ability speak to one of our staff, not a machine or answering service. This includes access to our senior management team.
  • Fully tested and trained staff and employees to provide the level of professionalism to fulfill your service requirements.

Hands on experience…Professional standards

We also mentioned experience as an important factor in being a successful security company. For us, this begins with our founder, who comes from a background of law enforcement. From his experience and expertise, Teachout Security Solutions was built and has since grown and evolved to become what it is today, a top provider of security solutions. 

Our solutions include exceptional industry knowledge, such as:

  • A seasoned management team with decades of experience.
  • A team of employees providing seasoned and professional service.

No matter your security needs, there is only one name you need to remember: Teachout Security Solutions!