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What Can a Partnership With Teachout Security Mean To You?

April 2024 marked our 43rd year as a Michigan-based organization providing professional security services.

What can that mean to you?

1. History has provided a hands-on opportunity for experience, to learn and grow as a security partner for over four decades.

These lessons learned developed procedures for success and consistency.

2. We are locally owned and managed.

Decisions and recommendations are not a lengthy or complicated process. The communication line from your site to our President/CEO is short. We work with our clients daily adjusting to their goals and needs quickly with effective and results-oriented communications.

3. We provide professional security services.

Our organization provides training for compliance and competency. We encourage and assist our personnel who desire a career in security on a path to success that encourages certification credentials that further promote professional security service delivery. Reliability and attention to detail matter.

4. We can be counted on when challenges arise. 

Ensuring posts are staffed is our responsibility and commitment to our partners.  Our goal is making certain that your security and safety programs are not compromised.

5. We are committed to quality, accountability, and integrity.

We welcome an opportunity to learn more about your needs and goals for your security program. For more information, visit our website or call 1-800-747-0755.

Author: Allen Honeycutt, Quality Control / Business Development Manager

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