Teachout Security Solutions


Security in Today’s Office Environment

Teachout Security Solutions delivers premier security programs to all industries.

One large segment of our portfolio is commercial office space. Teachout’s team of subject matter experts performs a cursory security assessment identifying risks typical of the facility type and specific to the client’s facility.  From that assessment, security threats and risks are identified.  Teachout’s Transition Team then develops mitigation strategies for each identified risk and publishes post orders – clear, written instructions which direct all security functions on the site. We then determine what training programs will be required for our team to fulfill those post orders.

Once the client approves the post orders and training programs, team members for the new assignment are identified and trained.  From their first day on the site, the Teachout team is ready to serve the client. Our clients often report back that there is a noticeable difference between before and after Teachout’s arrival, with staff members often remarking on the professional demeanor of our officers.

Teachout Security Solutions has been providing quality security services in the Great Lakes region for more than 35 years. Our experience covers multiple industries and community sectors including commercial business offices, event and entertainment security, financial institutions, education, manufacturing, and more.

We have offices throughout southern Michigan and in Indianapolis. We are your only choice for customized professional security services. Call us today at (800) 747-0755 or email us at info@teachoutsecurity.com and let Teachout team up with you.

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