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States Prioritize Security in Schools

In November 2015, a study conducted by National School Safety and Security Services looked at dangerous threats made against schools throughout the nation, concluding that threats rose 158 percent since the 2013-14 school year. This amounts to 812 nation-wide threats made between August 1, 2014 and December 31, 2014, the beginning of the 2014-15 school year.

Threats, crimes, and violence at schools are constant fears for parents, teachers, and communities. From fist fights to gang violence, misconduct by teachers, and even school shootings, proper precautions are paramount to keep students protected. Educational institutions and lawmakers across the nation are analyzing, modernizing, and increasing security measures, guard protection, background checks, and surveillance in pursuit of one goal: safe schools.

New York City, which has historically allocated funds for NYPD school safety officers in public schools, passed a $19.8 million bill increasing guard protection to also encompass private schools. Security officials at the private schools would not be NYPD school safety officers, but rather contracted through independent security agencies. NYC Mayor Bill de Blasio explained the importance of the bill, noting, “Additional security guards, who will work closely with the NYPD, will put more eyes and ears on the ground and will improve our ability to keep all New Yorkers safe.”

Schools in New York, North Carolina and Nebraska, among others, are taking aggressive measures to study and update security systems that are long overdue. Indiana has allocated $10 million for school threat assessments and security systems. In Arkansas, all students and faculty now have access to a “panic button” app as a part of Arkansas’s 2015 School Safety Act.

While security systems and guards protect against outside threats or threats made by students, internal investigations look at misconduct by teachers and staff. A state-by-state examination of school staff and faculty background checks show that some states provide high levels of transparency and diligent background checking, while others are lacking. The report includes standards by which school systems can increase transparency and instate stringent internal protections.

With increased surveillance watching the premises, active guards maintaining order, and more focus on internal defenses, children can learn in a safe environment and families and communities can enjoy peace of mind.

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