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Tammy Gauthier, CHPA

Health Care Account Manager

Tammy Gauthier started her security career in 1988 with Homeland Security running access control operations. After 9/11, she created perimeter access levels for area hospitals, which included time with the Secret Service when needed. Tammy also worked at Hurley Medical Center for 18 years in Security and Information Technology.

Tammy joined Teachout in 2017, taking her knowledge and love for security to new levels. She worked access control and quickly became interim Healthcare Manager during Covid and was responsible for 1,700 hours per week at one site, while also taking over two other hospital sites staffing and scheduling. Her keen ability to continually motivate her staff and maintain an incredible schedule earned Tammy a promotion to Health Care Account Manager in 2020.

She currently is staffing four separate sites and holds her team to a higher standard of healthcare security and excellence at all levels.

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