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The Teachout Difference: A Caring Response

In many companies today, security support can be fragmented with stakeholders from different divisions competing for the same limited resources. The task for many is to “hire quality security at a significant savings” which undervalues its impact and begins resourcing discussions from the perspective of expense ratios and margins.

Hiring, recruiting, and training procedures are rarely discussed, and placing a person in a uniform to fill a post with minimal screening and training doesn’t always lead to a positive outcome.

Over a year ago, a patient was being discharged and had no clothes other than the hospital gown provided. While the discharge was processing, the on-duty security officer contacted his captain and went to a nearby store during his lunch break to purchase clothes for the patient. Upon returning, his captain also arrived with several newly purchased items.

The patient graciously accepted the clothes, changed, and was provided transportation to their rightful destination.  The two officers responding to this unusual situation are current employees of Teachout Security Solutions.  

Bold compassion and dignity are traits often overlooked in most hiring processes.  It’s amazing to see how people react when they are encouraged to develop professionally with the proper training and organizational support. Of course, no one can predict how well an officer will perform on duty, but if they are encouraged to express their thoughts and contribute their ideas, the results can be amazing.

At Teachout, we promote personal growth and provide real career pathways which we have found is one of many missing elements to ongoing success in the contract security world.

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