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World-Class Security Is a Profession

A couple of days ago, we sent an email out to our staff and our associates. We were celebrating Derek Loomis attaining his PCI certification. Derek is the Jackson Branch Manager and is the newest credentialed member of Teachout Security Solutions team. Derek took and passed the ASIS international’s Professional Certified Investigator exam.

A lot of professionals put letters behind their names to tell the world that they have achieved a level of recognition in their chosen field. A person who wants to practice medicine usually gets a Bachelor of Science degree, then goes through several years of medical school, and a 5 to 7-year residency before they can take the licensing exam to get that “M.D.” behind their name. Those letters tell the world that the American Medical Association (AMA) recognizes that the individual is a professional medical doctor.

The same holds true for security professionals. Our certification authority is ASIS International (ASIS). Originally founded as the American Society for Industrial Security,  ASIS provides training in security best practices, professional excellence and professional leadership.

Derek Loomis, CPP, PCI

ASIS certification represents the pinnacle of professionalism in the security services industry.

Some of the ASIS certifications held by several members of our staff set us apart from other security service providers in this market. These are defined on their website and include:

CPP – Certified Protection Professional “validates your knowledge in all areas of security management. Eligibility requirements include 7-9 years of security experience and 3 years in responsible charge of a security function.”  Teachout has five staff members with this certification.

PCI – Professional Certified Investigator “provides demonstrable proof of an individual’s knowledge and experience in case management, evidence collection, and preparation of reports and testimony to substantiate findings.” Teachout has 2 staff members with this certification.

PSP – Physical Security Professional “demonstrates your knowledge in physical security assessments, application, design, and integration of physical security systems, and implementation of security measures.” Teachout has one staff member with this certification. In fact, this person is the only member of our team to hold all three ASIS certifications. This is called the “Triple Crown” in the security profession and there are only 150 individuals in the world who hold this distinction!

We also have members who have gained certifications through other distinguished certification bodies focused primarily in the healthcare industry. They include:

CHPA – Certified Healthcare Protection Administrator is a designation granted by the International Association of Healthcare Security and Safety (IAHSS), It is the highest level of certification available for healthcare security professionals with management responsibilities. Five Teachout professionals hold this distinction.

CHSP – Certified Healthcare Safety Professional certification from the International Board for Certification of Safety Managers (IBCSM) is held by two Teachout professionals. This distinction focuses on mastering the importance of improving human safety, organizational performance, and security compliance in healthcare organizations.

CHEP – Certified Healthcare Emergency Professional is an IBCSM certification for professionals who demonstrate high-level knowledge and understanding of implementing and managing emergency management and disaster response protocols and planning. Teachout has two team members who have earned this accreditation.

There is much more to security than a uniform and a logo. Teachout Security Solutions is the most qualified full-service professional security service provider in this market. With us, it is much more than a job. It is a profession.

We are dedicated to expanding and maintaining our security knowledge base so that we can provide the kind of security services that you may not yet know you need. When you discover there’s a potential problem, we will be there with the solution that works best for you.

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