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4 Ways to Safeguard Mobile Devices

DHS: Cybercriminals Increasingly Target Mobile Devices

The Department of Homeland Security has issued four tips to keep smartphone users safe from cybercriminals. In its blog, DHS offers this advice:

  1. Access the Internet over a secure network: Only browse the web through your service provider’s network such as 3G or a secure Wi-Fi network.
  2. Be suspicious of unknown links or requests sent through email or text message: Do not click on unknown links or answer strange questions sent to your mobile device, regardless of who the sender appears to be.
  3. Download only trusted applications: Download “apps” from trusted sources or marketplaces that have positive reviews and feedback.
  4. Be vigilant about online security: Keep anti-virus and malware software up to date, use varying and strong passwords, and never provide your personal or financial information without knowing who’s asking and why they need it.

DHS says nearly half of Americans are expected to own a mobile device by year’s end. Citing experts, DHS says smartphones and mobile devices will surpass computers as the primary target for cybercrime within three years.

“If a hacker can gain access to a mobile device, they can easily find e-mail addresses, stored passwords, banking information, social media accounts and phone numbers, allowing them to steal your information, your money and even your identity,” DHS says, as part of its Stop Think Connect cybersecurity campaign.

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