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Act Faster and Have Trust in Your Security Plans

Know exactly what risks you have before you get started.

Hiring security officers as a safety deterrent is a good option but not always the right choice.

Every company and every industry are as different as their risk-related factors. Identifying specific risks early on enables security professionals to act faster while many companies can often shore up many of the risks themselves.

Teachout’s leading digital platform for assessing, analyzing, and monitoring physical security risks focuses on specific scenarios that can happen in these three categories:

  1. For Compliance – Ensures that your organization meets industry-specific compliance standards by identifying areas that need improvement.
  2. For Hazards – Helps you analyze naturally occurring incidents or accidents that could pose hazards to your organization’s existing security and safety infrastructure.
  3. For Threats – Identifies potential threat scenarios ranging from theft to vandalism to an active shooter scenario.

Our assessment results are provided in a digital and hard copy format. This complete and thorough report will also provide:

  • Impact – Determine the functions, assets, and processes that are most critical to your security infrastructure.
  • Vulnerability – Reduce the probability of risk by identifying your physical security gaps at any location to resolve them quickly and effectively.
  • Consequence – Understand the impact an incident can have on communities, organizations, and the environment.
  • Continuity – Ensure your organization is prepared to respond and recover from incidents.

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