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Amid Pandemic, Autonomous Security Technology Gains Ground

As businesses begin to reopen around the country while we grapple with the continuing pandemic, added security measures to protect the health of employees, customers and visitors are required.

Many companies are turning to autonomous security technology to perform temperature scans, as well as additional security services. Teachout Security Solutions has been researching several systems from companies like Robotic Assistance Devices (RAD) and Dahua Security to assist businesses.

The use of thermal body temperature measurements is an effective, proven solution to preserve health and protect people at businesses, schools, transportation centers, sporting and entertainment venues, and more. Mass thermal imaging offers these advantages:

  • Contactless, non-invasive detection of elevated skin temperatures
  • Measures large groups at a distance
  • Reduces manpower requirement

For example, RAD offers a system called Wally, billed as a complete lobby system which performs four important functions: health screening, security, reception services, and visitor management and access control. The system utilizes thermal imaging, artificial intelligence, and facial recognition. Wally is designed for single-person temperature and security scanning in smaller settings.

There are also systems available to quickly and accurately health screen larger groups. Dauha has a system able to screen and record temperatures of up to three persons per second with thermal imaging and facial recognition. Accuracy is rated at ±0.2 C.

In one scenario, for example, measuring the temperature of 5,000 people would require about 4.2 hours using a traditional forehead thermometer, at a rate of around 3 seconds for each person. According Dahua, a 5,000-person screening would take only 30 minutes using its thermal solution.

In combining a range of health screening and security tasks, experts are predicting that autonomous security technology is gaining ground to play a major role in the $50 billion guarding and electronic security industry.


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