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Concierge Security Service: First Line of Defense

At a hotel, resort, or aboard a cruise ship, the concierge is the first line of convenience for arranging special experiences – from guided tours, concert tickets, or magically snagging a table for two at an exclusive restaurant.

But when it comes to multi-occupant residential and commercial security, the concierge security officer is the first line of defense.

The security officer is often the first person to greet customers and visitors at your property. This initial interaction is important in providing a positive perception of your company.

At Teachout Security Solutions, our concierge security officers are trained to enforce the protocols of your organization while providing a positive welcome to your clients and other visitors.

The qualities that define an expert concierge security officer include excellent customer service skills, a confident and calm manner, and the ability to respond to emergencies, complex incidents and situations with the objective of ensuring the safety and security of the building’s occupants.

In addition, the officer must be adept at reading body language. Should someone with criminal intent enter the building, an experienced concierge guard will be the first person they will encounter. So, a concierge security guard is a highly effective deterrent to criminal activity.


What makes Teachout’s concierge service stand out from other security providers is that our officers are trained specifically for your company’s needs. Whether you need someone to direct phone calls to the correct person or hold visitors until they are ready to be seen, our officers are trained to follow the security protocols laid out by your company.

Our concierge security officers will provide the perfect mix of security and hospitality services to maintain safe and secure environments while also reflecting a positive image to your guests.


Teachout Security Solutions delivers customized security solutions that fit your needs.  With a high level of credentialed officers with many years of experience in the security industry, we can serve a wide range of industries and difficult situations.  Learn more about what makes Teachout Security Solutions unique.

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