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Virus Crisis Calls for Additional Onsite Business Security

Grocery stores, pharmacies, and other businesses open and deemed essential during the current COVID-19 pandemic should consider boosting security to protect their staff, customers, property, and inventory.

This advice comes on the heels of two developments – a spike in property crimes and retail fraud, and police dialing back their responses.

According to Mlive Michigan news service, in Lansing and a growing number of communities, if someone steals from you during the ongoing coronavirus crisis, the police probably won’t respond in person.

Limiting public interaction, or social distancing, is a growing trend as police agencies across the state pivot to maintain public safety while protecting law enforcement and citizens from the potential spread of COVID-19.

Lansing Police Chief Daryl Green said his officers, “until further notice,” won’t respond in person to reports of larceny; property destruction; retail fraud, if a suspect isn’t known or the value of the theft is under $1,000; attempted break-ins or break-ins at unoccupied buildings, including garages or vacant homes; ID theft when the victim isn’t financially harmed and reimbursed by their bank; harassing phone calls or emails; credit card theft if the charges arise outside Lansing and calls of lost property.

Meridian Township issued a similar statement stating: “The Meridian Township Police Department will limit in-person responses to calls in certain situations” but “will continue to respond to all violent and in-progress crimes.”

Retailers and other businesses should consider whether added onsite protection, such as uniformed security guards are appropriate during this pandemic crisis. Teachout Security Solutions has been protecting businesses since 1981, providing expertly trained, experienced armed and unarmed personnel, together with investigative services. Contact us to learn how our company can protect your business during this difficult time.

Finally, the personnel portion of our Strike Security Audit identifies customers, suppliers, service providers, vendors and local law enforcement personnel who may need access to the facilities during the labor dispute.

The property portion of our Strike Security Audit involves having Teachout personnel survey the perimeter of the property to determine if there are any uncontrolled access points. We also suggest that all keycards and door codes be changed for the duration of the strike to better control who comes and goes. We identify various points where additional surveillance equipment should be installed to monitor picket line activity while complying with state and federal laws, employee parking lots, delivery docks and other points of vulnerability.

The third and final portion of the Teachout Strike Security Audit covers the process of maintaining the facility’s operational capabilities over the course of the labor action. Protocols are developed for safely and efficiently getting personnel and materials in and out of the facility. We also develop command-and-control protocols and communications channels with local law enforcement. Fortunately, many of our security professionals are former military and law enforcement. They are trained in the use of non-lethal, non-confrontational management of protestors.

At Teachout Security Solutions, our priority is to maintain a peaceful, respectful, and cooperative relationship with those individuals who are exercising their rights under the law while also protecting the rights and property of the employer. Our objective is that these situations have win-win conclusions for all.

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