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Security Patrols Offer Cost-Effective Protection Solution

Businesses looking for security protection for their closed properties during the COVID-19 pandemic have a cost-effective option: private security patrol stops, one of the many customized security services offered by Teachout Security Solutions.

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There are two types of patrol services, each with differing levels of protection.

The first type of security patrol is foot patrol. Security patrols conducted on foot are extremely important when protecting a client’s assets, property, and people. When security guards are actively walking through a client’s site, it allows the guards to discover potential breaches of security. Security breaches include flooding, open windows, unlocked doors, jammed doors, damaged property, and evidence of trespassing.

Drive-through security patrols in a marked vehicle serve a limited, but useful purpose. The drive-through patrol service does not remain on-site. Vehicle security patrols allow the guard to cover a large amount of ground in a short period of time.

This type of patrol is extremely beneficial when the client has a rather large property that needs to be protected and secured. On a large property, it is almost useless to have the security guard engage in foot security patrols because it would take a very long time to walk the entire distance of the property

In addition, this type of patrol is less expensive than a dedicated on-site security guard because of the limited time spent on the property. Highly visible, drive-through security services are ideal for the patrol of commercial properties after business hours or on private property closed to the public.

The primary goal of a drive-through security patrol service is to deter property loss and deter vandalism after business hours.

Teachout Security Solutions can evaluate your protection needs and develop a cost-effective patrol schedule specifically for your needs. Contact us to learn more.

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