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Controlling Disruptive Behavior

MAP – Managing Agitated Persons

At Teachout Security, we devote a significant amount of our resources to interacting with agitated people. Many times, they are justified. They have just been victimized or assaulted and their world is suddenly in a state of flux. Other times, they are the perpetrator of the crime and have been apprehended. There seems to be a growing number of cases in which we find ourselves dealing with someone who is having a mental health crisis. Each of these situations requires a different set of skills. We train our personnel on all these scenarios and more.

Our philosophy is: “Providing service as a mechanism of controlling behavior before it escalates.

Managing Agitated Persons (MAP) is a proprietary program that was originally developed by Vice President Terry Jones and Director of Operations Bart Bennett for dealing with situations in the healthcare industry. Since its creation in 1998, the success of the program now encompasses many other business environments and organizations. We teach our security personnel, safety officers, and client clinicians that a proactive customer approach decreases incidents and reduces the number and intensity of interventions.

What makes MAP different?

The first component of MAP is “Pre-Escalation” and it’s what sets our training apart from any other. Pre-Escalation addresses positive customer skills to prevent escalation from initially happening. The key focus of this component is “initiating positive contact” by actively seeking out opportunities to serve the client population in a friendly and meaningful manner.  The premise is simple:  It is easier to keep positive behavior positive than to manage negative behavior.  Interactions that begin positively are more likely to end positively than those that begin negatively.  When the process works, there is no agitation to manage.

“De-Escalation” is the core component of the MAP program. Our trainers emphasize the areas that security personnel and staff will encounter in their daily environment and focus on philosophical and practical applications. Control techniques are taught that are widely accepted as safe and extremely effective.

The proof is in the results. In client facilities where our proprietary MAP training program has been implemented, incidents of uncontrolled behavior have been reduced by more than 30%!

Disruptive behavior is happening in all types of environments today—schools, businesses, stores, and the streets. Every person is susceptible to being involved with an agitated person. How will you deal with the situation?

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