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Focus on Security Certifications and Professional Development Helps Teachout Security Solutions Serve Wide Range of Clients

Clients in a wide range of industries nationwide rely on organizations like Teachout Security Solutions to provide security services and support. However, the services and specific needs of each client can be wildly different depending on factors like industry, location, size, volume of customers, and more.

That’s why Teachout takes credentialing through professional organizations seriously.

“By providing our staff with enhanced credentials and training, we are able to better serve our clients,” said Joseph Cozart, President and CEO of Teachout Security Solutions. “For example, the security needs of a healthcare facility are going to be significantly different than the needs of a live concert or sports venue. We prioritize having staff who are well-versed in general security and safety best practices but also understand the unique nuances of each industry we worth with.”

Teachout has staff members credentialed through three different professional organizations. ASIS International is an industry-leading education and training for security providers working in a wide range of industries. ASIS certifications provide those who complete the requirements with a mastery of general security management principles. Specific certifications offered by ASIS include:

  • Certified Protection Professional (CPP): CPP certifications are considered an industry “gold standard” and, along with demonstrated knowledge of all facets of security management, this level of certification requires 5-7 years of security experience and three years in a leadership role of a security organization or operation.
  • Professional Certified Investigator (PCI): PCI certifications denote proof of a recipient’s knowledge of critical aspects of investigation, including case management, evidence collection, preparing reports and testimony, and more. These certifications require 3-5 years of investigations experience and two years of case management experience.
  • Physical Security Professional (PSP): PSP certifications are meant to show knowledge of physical security assessments, application, design, and integration of physical security systems as well as implementation of security measures. These certifications require 3-5 years of experience.

“We have CPPs, PCIs, and PSPs on our staff, and we also have two staff members who are ‘triple crowns,’ meaning they have all three ASIS certifications,” Cozart said.

The healthcare industry continues to experience growth nationwide, and along with that growth, there is an increased need for security. Teachout provides security for healthcare and medical facilities in Michigan. As a result, making sure staff members have the opportunity to earn certifications from the International Association of Healthcare Safety and Security (IAHSS) is a key strategic priority.

IAHSS offers a Certified Healthcare Protection Administrator (CHPA) certification ensures that security staff in healthcare facilities are versed in the special circumstances they may encounter or need to be aware of in medical settings, including patient privacy rights, emergency preparedness, electronic security system integration, and more.

“Healthcare environments have unique characteristics and requirements as well as heightened sensitivities and emotions that result from patients and families undergoing medical procedures or emergencies,” Cozart said. “Our goal is to have security officers who are well-versed and prepared to serve and support the medical professionals working in these facilities so that they can provide the best care possible.”

Teachout also has staff members credentialed by the International Foundation for Protection Officers. The IFPO offers certification in security supervision and management.

The recurring focus on certifications and professional development are a key part of Teachout’s mission to focus on customer needs and delivering a high level of specialized services.

“We pride ourselves on continuous growth and staying up-to-date on the latest best practices in the security industry,” Cozart said. “Our goal in serving our clients is to tailor and refine our skillset to best fit the specific security needs that are unique to each organization.”

A breakdown of industries that Teachout Security Solutions serves and the services offered for each is available online.

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