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Human Trafficking – It’s happening right in front of you

Human trafficking is one of the most lucrative criminal activities in the world.

More than one-half of all victims are minors, children, and teens.

Victims are coerced into sex trafficking, forced labor, and debt bondage with little or no pay by using violence, threats, lies, and other manipulative techniques. Sex trafficking is a high-profit and low-risk business where the commodity – the human being’s body – is sold repeatedly.

Do you know the warning signs?

Teachout Security Solutions now offers a course in Human Trafficking to help you and your team identify, screen, report, and understand what services may be needed to assist the victim/survivor of human trafficking.

This course is perfect for teachers, school staff, school administration, social workers, camp directors, counselors, medical services providers, law enforcement, probation officers, and homeless shelter staff.

After the course, participants will be able to:

  • Identify the signs of sex trafficking.
  • Identify the signs of labor trafficking.
  • Understand the prescreening processes.
  • Understand the required reporting laws and responsibilities.
  • Understand the wide variety of the various services available to victims/survivors.

Contact Teachout Security Solutions today. Our Certified Human Trafficking Trainer and Speaker, Mike Morgan, will share his valuable insights and information with you and your team to assist the victim/survivor of human trafficking.

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