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Protecting the Healthcare Front Line

According to a recent survey on healthcare worker safety, one of the top concerns for healthcare workers was the increasing rate of patients becoming agitated and violent.

This problem appears to be the result of the forced isolation inflicted upon us by the recent coronavirus pandemic. Many healthcare workers, especially nurses, are seeing an uptick in patients becoming agitated and acting out in a violent manner.

Most respondents felt that they were prepared to handle natural events like fires, equipment malfunctions, or severe weather emergencies. They also felt like advances in communication technologies help them feel better prepared to handle emergencies in general.

The one common concern was the unpredictable occurrence of a patient becoming violent.

Nearly three-quarters (72%) of respondents listed this situation as their biggest work-related safety concern. Nurses were most concerned about this issue with 81% of them listing “patients becoming violent” as their number one priority.

At Teachout Security, we have extensive experience in the healthcare arena and understand that organizations can be fragmented, with stakeholders from different divisions competing for the same limited resources. We assist hospital administrators and executives design security programs that meet the needs of their entire organization without busting the budget.

Built upon our 40+ years of experience, we have the expertise to assess your security requirements and assign the most effective array of resources for your individual situation.

Teachout Security is more than guards. Let us customize a safer, more cost-effective, and secure workplace for you.

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