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Protection Now and Tomorrow: Your Investment in Security

In many businesses across the country, discussions are being held around the topic of cutting costs during this period of economic uncertainty. Some items like rent, utilities, materials, and payroll are fixed and can only be adjusted very little if at all. They also have to be paid whether the company meets its sales projections or not.

One method for covering these fixed costs during a short-term period of negative growth is the use of Asset financing. This option is based on the value of the assets themselves and not on the financial institution’s perception of your firm’s creditworthiness. It is therefore the responsibility of the Management team to protect and grow those assets as much as possible.

The best way to protect your company’s assets is to ensure that you have the proper type of security in place. At Teachout Security, we do a thorough analysis of your security vulnerabilities and requirements. Our decades of experience will help us develop the perfect plan that not only protects your physical assets like your people and your building but also protects your non-physical assets like your reputation as well.

Teachout Security is much more than having a uniformed officer at the front entrance. Our services are customized to the exact needs of your business. Contact us today at (800) 747-0755 or email us at info@teachoutsecurity.com. Find out how the Teachout difference can protect your enterprise now and in the future.

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