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Hiring Employees vs. Independent Contractors

There is one question that is almost always asked when we are marketing our services to a prospective client — “Why should I hire you when I can assign security issues to one of my own employees?” 

We’re glad you asked.

Liability and Hiring Issues

As you know, a full-time employee comes with some overhead issues that need to be considered when you are assigning them to perform duties in your company. They function as part of your company when they are performing their assigned function. You are responsible for training them on how to perform their assigned duties. You are also liable for the results of their performance of those duties. Because of that, you need to provide some form of direct supervision and monitoring of their job performance for productivity to ensure success.

What they do and how they do it is on you.

Time and Money

You are responsible for reporting their wages for tax purposes. You also must provide a competitive and comprehensive package of fringe benefits to attract the best talent. These benefits typically include overtime pay, paid vacation, comprehensive health, dental, and vision coverage, company car, company phone, and a generous retirement benefit plan. The time and effort you put forth can often take away from your daily duties and priorities as well.

Who survives and how they prosper is your decision.

The Teachout Difference

When you hire a Teachout contract employee, we are responsible for providing proof that they have been trained to perform the duties assigned up to the standards you require for fulfilling the job requirements. You may pay them a higher rate than direct hires, but because you don’t have to provide a comprehensive benefits package, we could end up costing your company less. At Teachout, we recruit and hire for “job fit” with the specific skillsets needed to complete the project at hand which eliminates where they are going to fit into your company once the specific project has been completed.

Let us do what we do best for you.

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