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School Safety is Multileveled, Shared Responsibility

We can’t control it all, but we need to control what we can!

In the aftermath of incidents such as the one that recently occurred in Uvalde, Texas, it seems all we see is blame.  This person should have done this, the school should have done that, the parents didn’t do this, etc.   In the wake of a tragedy, instead of laying blame, shouldn’t we simply take a step back and try to collectively evaluate the incident and work toward strategies to mitigate the risk of future events?  We will never be able to completely stop acts of violence, but we can certainly limit them through sound risk management practices.  If we look closely and from a different angle, we will see this is possible.  For example, our schools teach and preach fire prevention and safety.   This has certainly not stopped all fires, but it has played a major role in the reduction of deaths and injuries.

So, how can we get this done?

We need to be proactive rather than reactive. This is a philosophy that Teachout Security has stood by for many years. Our belief and support of continuing education have resulted in several credentialed security professionals on staff. We use this expertise to help clients create and develop programs, guidelines, and policies that protect people, properties, and goods. .

We have found that most school programs prosper when they have strong relationships with local law enforcement. School Resource Officers are a great asset, but these are mostly reactive resources.  Metal detectors are a great preventative tool.  To be successful, they must be monitored at all times by a well-trained staff.  This must become a regular part of the annual budget.  Beyond metal detectors, there is unlimited new technology that can perform a number of functions such as facial recognition software, social media monitoring, and door locking options.  In addition, you can find published Best Practices for nearly all types of security environments at www.asisonline.org.

In conclusion, Teachout Security believes the best way to mitigate risk in our schools is by using a multiple-level approach. This should include proactive training, law enforcement, security professionals, educational staff, and technology all working together towards a common goal.

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