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Who is Your Security Provider?

Security companies come in a variety of experience, quality, and ability levels. It is critical that you consider that when selecting a firm. If you are driven by price alone, you will choose the low-bidder and likely get inexperienced, untrained officers. That may be okay if you merely need someone to watch your parking lot, but if you truly need a professional security officer, price cannot be the only factor.

Teachout Security Solutions has been in business for 40 years. The President of the company has worked in the industry since 1985 when he started as an officer with Teachout Security. In 1995, he purchased the company from the founder, Bernard Teachout.

Each member of the Teachout leadership team started as an officer, demonstrated their ability, and grew with the company. We know the industry from the ground up, we know how to mitigate risks, respond to incidents, and provide great customer service that often helps reduce incidents.

As for quality, who is leading the firm you are choosing? Many companies have former police officers as owners. One issue with that is security is not law enforcement. Police officers are often reactive in nature, yet successful security programs must be proactive. A quality security company will provide great service to you, your organization, and your guests. They will provide professional, trained officers who can properly respond to a crisis. These same officers often reduce incidents and improve your teams’ perception of your organization by providing great service during down times.

Finally, what are the abilities of your security provider? Are they subject matter experts or just some people in the security business? Do they practice risk mitigation or simply send you a person in a uniform? Are they industry leaders or just another security company?

As for expertise, Teachout Security Solutions has more credentialed leaders than any firm in Michigan. The top credential in the security industry is the Certified Protection Professional (CPP), a credential conferred by ASIS International. Teachout has six CPPs, just over 5% of the CPPs in Michigan. ASIS International also has the Physical Security Professional (PSP) and the Professional Certified Investigator (PCI) credentials. There is an elite group of people ASIS International calls Triple Crowns who hold all three credentials. There are four Triple Crowns in Michigan, two of them being Teachout leaders.

In the healthcare security world, Teachout is Michigan’s industry leader with four Certified Healthcare Protection Administrators (CHPA), two Certified Healthcare Safety Professionals (CHSP), and two Certified Healthcare Emergency Professionals (CHEP). ASIS international’s Healthcare Security Council published a whitepaper which validated a 50% reduction in incidents using the Teachout Model in healthcare security.

Teachout Security Solutions provides security officer services, consulting, training, and investigations (we started as an investigation firm in 1981). We are uniquely positioned and welcome the opportunity to share our experience, higher quality, and abilities. We are the industry leader, why would you settle for less?

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