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We can’t control it all, but we need to control what Teachout Security Has More Than 40 Years In Professional Security can!

There are quite a few listings when you look up the topic of “security services.” Many of them seem to have the same menu of offerings when it comes to defining just what those services are. So how do you differentiate?

You could choose by price… but do you really want your most precious assets protected by the lowest bidder?

Maybe it’s the uniforms. It is important for your security staff to look professional. You could spend time interviewing each and every one of those companies. If you have the time, we encourage you to do so.

We are confident that you will choose us. Why?


Experience is the most important factor when choosing a security provider. We live in a fast-changing world that seems to include more opportunities for people with darkened minds and hearts to take advantage of even the smallest opportunity — to take what isn’t theirs, regardless of the harm and pain it might cause.

That is why you need Teachout Security.

With more than 40 years of experience, we have probably seen it all. But just to be sure, we even train for scenarios that we, fortunately, haven’t seen yet. It is because we are committed to being prepared for everything and anything when it comes to your security needs.

Teachout Security was founded in 1981 by Bernard K. Teachout, a former Genesee County Sheriff’s Deputy. Originally, Teachout focused on investigations, and, over time, Security Guard Services became a larger part of our company. Joseph Cozart started as a Security Officer at Teachout in the 80s. He purchased the company in 1995 but did not imagine the growth our company would achieve.

  • Teachout currently provides security guard services to our clients throughout the US and Canada through our National Division. We also provide security services in Europe for some of our clients.
  • Teachout has successfully partnered with many clients to help in their most critical times- natural disasters, rebranding, building, and opening new locations, downsizing, and bankruptcy. Our primary goal is to ease the stress and worry of these events.
  • Teachout has a very high number of credentialed security professionals on staff. Our employees are certified security management professionals, healthcare security experts, investigative specialists, and security trainers.
  • Teachout also provides a starting point for those interested in a career in law enforcement and security, providing them with industry-standard training programs that emphasize professionalism and integrity.
  • Teachout was able to safely employ most of our workforce throughout the pandemic and even built new partnerships throughout that time
  • Multiple Teachout Security Officers have bravely provided lifesaving efforts, resulting in Teachout Security being awarded the World Class Service Award

Building upon the foundation of Excellence and Professionalism that has been the hallmark of Teachout Security over the last four decades, we look forward to many more years of growth for our company. Teachout Security has become the “go-to” provider of a vast array of security services in this and other communities throughout the Midwest. We provide a wide array of proven world-class security services.

When it comes down to your safety and security, isn’t that really what you are looking for?

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