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Securing the Industrial Environment

Teachout Security Solutions has a great deal of experience providing security services to the industrial world. Our main office is located in Flint, Michigan, the birthplace of General Motors. Teachout professionals have been successfully protecting a wide variety of industrial shops and manufacturing facilities since 1981. The manufacturing industry’s diverse security demands offer a unique set of challenges. A typical industrial site involves large facilities, office areas, heavy machinery, vehicle traffic, material storage, tools, expensive equipment, and a high number of employees and vendors coming and going.

Teachout Security Solutions offers a high-quality security program for manufacturing companies. Our program is custom-tailored to your facility. It is detailed to ensure every contingency is considered, every pertinent regulation is met, and it’s flexible enough to fit the culture of your organization.

Our Industrial Security Program can assist in the reduction of unwanted crime, vandalism, and false worker’s injury claims.Our trained, professional security officers lower these risks through such practices as high visibility of a professional, uniformed officer performing frequent patrols of the facility, performing access control in and out of secured areas, and other loss prevention and risk management duties.

Teachout Security Solutions understands that there are times when you need a professionally trained security presence at your location fast. It could be when the alarm system trips, vandalism is reported, or persons on site become unruly and aggressive. Our 24-hour dispatch service can have additional officers dispatched within minutes and alert the proper authorities if needed. Our officers are trained in crowd control, traffic control, and have been trained to assist and augment police and fire department personnel when and where needed.

Teachout is uniquely qualified to meet all of your industrial security needs. Our officers are aware that they are not only representing Teachout but your organization as well. We provide experienced, site-trained officers who come on board ready to take on the responsibility for access control, asset protection, and inventory tracking. Our officers are trained to become de facto members of your staff, familiar with the personnel, layout of the facility, and the processes and procedures of a normal workday. In that way, they can quickly respond to any situation that arises that is out of the ordinary. Our concierge officers can handle guest registration, credentialing, and escort visitors as needed.

You can feel at ease knowing our security personnel are well-equipped to handle any situation that may arise at your manufacturing facility. That’s why we say Professional, Reliable and Prepared is more than our motto; it is the hallmarks of the world-class services we provide.

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