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Security Officers Face New Role: Requiring Face Masks

Security officers are often the first line of defense when entering a building. They greet and screen visitors, observe activity around the property, and mitigate potential risk.

But the role now entails more direct intervention: security officers, who are mostly unarmed and don’t have the authority to make arrests, are emerging as the first line of defense against customers who refuse to follow mask and social distancing requirements.

Mask requirements have become the latest flash point in America’s culture wars. Many retailers say they are reluctant to put their store clerks in the position of asking customers to wear a mask to avoid potential confrontations.

“Mask enforcement is a real concern for retailers. They can only call the police if a customer gets unruly, and nobody wants it to get to that point,” said Meegan Holland, a representative of the Michigan Retailers Association.

More companies are relying on mostly unarmed contract security officers and law enforcement agencies to help uphold state mandates, as well as their own policies.

During the pandemic, retail security experts are encouraging officers to take calm, non-confrontational tones with customers and emphasize how mask policies and others are designed for the safety of all shoppers and employees.

A retired member of the U.S. Army, Gooding is happy to be helping patients with a wide array of tasks. “Without a doubt, working as a Security Officer for Teachout has been a thoroughly rewarding experience,” he says. “I look forward to working for many more years in the future with a company who gives back as much as I’ve given them.”

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In the middle of this pandemic, retail employees already have a lot on their plate. Teachout Security Solutions can relieve some of the burdens and pressures on your team.


Our trained officers can ensure that visitors to your company comply with local mask mandates, and they can also defuse any tense situations that may arise. Your staff will be better able to focus on their most pressing responsibilities and tasks rather than debating with customers. Contact us to learn more.

Source: CNN Business

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