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Security Solutions in the Commercial Environment

One only has to watch the television news to know that security has become a top issue for owners and managers of commercial properties today. The old adage of “If you build it, they will come” has been replaced by “If it feels safe, they will come.” Teachout Security Solutions has been setting the standard in customized security solutions for the commercial environment for over three decades. Our comprehensive service offerings can meet and often exceed the requirements of a wide range of sites and situations for office buildings, dining and entertainment venues, retail stores, and financial institutions.

All of our uniformed officers are trained to the specific requirements of our client’s site and operations. We work with you to develop post orders that document the officer’s duties and provide site-specific emergency procedures and contacts. Whether working as a concierge in the lobby, stationed at a site entrance, or on patrol, all of our officers are trained to quickly identify and assess potential threats. They are also trained and certified in CPR, AED, and First Aid.employment testing and background checks. Our initial day-long orientation covers an introduction to the industry, basic security concepts, Red Cross certification in CPR/AED and First Aid, and world-class customer service training. The next phase is training verbal de-escalation, defensive tactics, safety, patrol procedures, fire suppression, Haz-Mat, and firearms training.

Our internal 24/7 dispatch center can also provide a backup layer of security for our on-site personnel. We use the “Guard 1 Plus” tour system to track our officer’s rounds through your facility, providing detailed legal documentation of our officer’s activity during his or her rounds of the property. This report can have a positive impact on your insurance and liability risks. Finally, our Field Operation Supervisors make periodic unannounced site visits to ensure that we are providing the level of service that you expect and deserve.

Should your operation require armed security officers, you can be assured that they are highly trained professionals who perform within very defined guidelines and procedures for the use of force continuum. Our personnel will respond to a situation and alert law enforcement as required. If a serious incident arises, the safety of the public is our first priority. We will coordinate with local law enforcement, retrieve copies of all police reports, conduct additional investigations if needed, and make ourselves available for any court proceedings

Going beyond normal expectations is standard operating procedure for the security professionals at Teachout. Our officers are aware that they are not only representing Teachout but your organization as well. Professional, courteous, and prepared are the hallmarks of Teachout Security Solutions. Your patrons will definitely feel more secure when they see that you have provided professional security for your business.

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