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Teachout at the Forefront of Active Shooter Training

Are you prepared?

Michael Morgan, MA, Training and Corporate Compliance Manager at Teachout Security Solutions, was a presenter to the ASIS Southwest Region Chapter and Region 5 Homeland Security on October 18 at the Firekeepers Casino and Conference Center. The Civilian Response to Active Shooter Events (CRASE®) presentation he gave was well received by the large group of security community members from across the State of Michigan.

Michael’s military background and law enforcement experiences are key to his approach and delivery. He utilizes his education, leadership, and problem-solving skills in an open discussion format where the focus is centered around participant-driven discussions of challenges and alternatives to encourage attendees’ participation.

The CRASE® presentation and training program provides you with tools and methods to handle high-stress/high-impact incidents and events. Additional certified and accredited training available includes Managing Agitated Persons (MAP), CPR-AED, Human Trafficking, and many more.

We live in an ever-changing and challenging world where security is vital to the health and well-being of everyone everywhere. At Teachout, we strive to maintain a constant focus on communicating, educating, and demonstrating a high level of security options for our clients.

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