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Teachout’s Commitment to School Safety and Training

Teachout Security Solutions prioritizes its school safety training programs for its security professionals.

That’s why Joe Cozart, Bart Bennett, Allen Honeycutt, and Mike Morgan participated in The 2023 Ohio School Safety Summit July 25 – 26, 2023 at the Greater Columbus Convention Center in Downtown Columbus.

This marks the second year in a row that Teachout Security Solutions was the only Michigan company to participate in the conference.

The 2023 Ohio School Safety Summit featured a variety of keynotes and breakout sessions on comprehensive school safety hosted by subject matter experts. The Teachout team learned about best practices, case studies, and evidence-based practices related to both physical and emotional safety in schools.

Of particular interest this year, was the added opportunity to network and build relationships during the evening social event and during the day with other exhibitor participants.

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