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How to Meet the Rising Security Challenge

Here are three strategies to help you succeed at today’s security challenge:

1. Beware of wolves in sheep’s clothing.

You would be surprised at the number of security firms doing business without a valid Michigan security license and security insurance coverage. We recently learned of a local security company that subcontracted work out to another firm that employed an under-aged person. Imagine the fallout had someone been injured during that security detail!

There are low-priced companies who will gladly piggyback and use another firm’s license — which is unlawful. Know who you’re getting involved with and ask for copies of their security license and insurance coverage before you start. Ask better questions and you’ll get more informed answers.

Low Costs + Quick = Low Quality

2. Re-frame security as an investment in your business.

One crucial step that company leaders can take is to re-frame the way they view security, as it’s fundamentally different from other support services. While we feel that security is much more professional now than it has ever been, it’s hard for some to agree with that claim. The reasons vary and are certainly based on current security issues many companies are facing today, which usually stem from the security firms they hire that never seem to deliver on what they originally promised. Hiring a national firm with regional offices nearby seems logical, but many have experienced that bigger isn’t always better.

In many companies today, support for security can be fragmented with stakeholders from different divisions competing for the same limited resources. Simply referring to security as a cost center undervalues its impact and begins resourcing discussions from the perspective of expense ratios and margins.

Low Costs + High Quality = Low Priority

3. Hire the right security leaders.

Safety is not the individual effort or responsibility of any one person, but an ideology for an entire organization. The company leadership looking to hire a security firm should be up to the task of gaining meaningful insights from those chosen to participate in the process.

You’ll find that they willingly engage in conversation and eagerly discuss at length their recruitment, hiring, and training requirements and protocols. You’ll know if they have been listening to you from the outset because trust will have been established with you early on. Trust your gut.

Done Quickly + Higher Quality = Best Investment

By employing these three strategies, you are protecting the future of your company, its’ property, and its’ people. Doesn’t your business deserve the best protection?

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