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Above and Beyond the Call of Duty

When distinguishing between armed and unarmed training, no two states’ requirements are alike.

In June 2021, the National Association of Security Companies (NASCO) published an analysis of state training requirements for private security companies nationwide. The white paper provided an overview of security officer training requirements as per state statutes, regulations, and licensing agencies.

Armed training with specific hours is mandated in just 28 states and only 23 of these states also have unarmed training requirements with specific hours.

Notable Michigan data:

  • Michigan is one of 10 states that regulate the private security industry, but the governing statute in all 10 states is silent on training requirements for unarmed employees.
  • Two states, Maine, and Michigan, have no training requirements for armed security officers and do not require a state handgun permit.

The Teachout Advantage

Despite the lack of training required in Michigan and other states, Teachout Security’s training standards and requirements are second to none. Prior to their first assignment, Teachout’s new employees must complete a two-day, 16-hour entry-level training program. It’s the first of three levels of training required based on specific site assignments.

Teachout annually reviews training for all supervisors and officers, institutes specialized training that is site-specific, and utilizes various levels of security certification opportunities with national organizations.

Many security companies advertise that their guards are “trained” to prevent workplace violence, but what does that mean? At Teachout, we can ensure that you are compliant with current security requirements and regulations. We provide the industry’s best-trained personnel and focus on ensuring our management team holds the industry’s highest level of certification in security practices and procedures.

We have more industry-certified employees than any other Michigan company.

We’re always happy to discuss our training programs, protocols, and requirements.  Contact us at 1-800- 747-0755 or email info@teachoutsecurity.com.

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