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The Teachout Security Advantage

Alana Semuels, a senior economics correspondent for Time, recently published a series of articles about the security guard industry in the United States. In the article, she revealed that the security guard industry is growing faster than anyone expected. The public’s perception is also changing.

“There are roughly twice as many security guards employed in the U.S. than there were 20 years ago, according to the Security Industry Association, though the nation’s population has only grown 16% over the same time period. By 2021, there were about 2 police officers but 3.1 security guards for every 1,000 civilians.”

While security guards are hired to make people feel safer, the public’s response has historically been the exact opposite. This is due to the public perception that security guards are often not well-trained nor have relevant experience. The majority opinion is that they are “police wannabes.” Many civilians feel especially uneasy around armed security guards.

And they might be right.

Not all states require training for security officers – and Michigan is one of them, according to the National Association of Security Companies.

Professional security services providers, like Teachout Security, who do properly vet their job applicants, hire skilled guards including retired law enforcement officers and military veterans. Teachout also invests considerable time and money in training and management oversight.

“The best security companies have a strong record of training employees and supervising them on the job. Those that don’t open themselves up to liability issues and lawsuits,” says Joseph Jaksa, a professor of criminal justice at Saginaw Valley State University. Joe should know. He’s a past employee of Teachout.

Teachout Security built its reputation upon a strong regimen of security training, national certification requirements, and management oversight. We compete against the companies who win contracts by offering very low rates.

Today, many of their former clients are now our clients. They have tried the rest and they tell us… we’re the best.

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