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What Sets Teachout Security Solutions Apart?

Teachout Security Solutions was founded in 1981 by Bernard K. Teachout, a former Genesee County Sheriff’s Deputy.  CEO Joseph Cozart started as an officer for Teachout in 1985 and in 1995 he purchased the company.  At that time, Teachout had about 40 officers. Today we have over 400!

Since its beginning, Teachout prided itself on professionalism, education, and training.  We have spent years educating our team with dedicated professional subject matter experts.  That is why we support groups like IAHSS and ASIS International.  Groups like these oversee credentialling and provide excellent support and training.  Whether it is corporate security, healthcare security, school security, industrial security, or any other field – the team at Teachout, has taken the time to educate themselves and become true subject matter experts. 

We do not “wing it.” We professionally execute. 


Derek Loomis our Jackson/Kalamazoo Branch Manager started with us as an officer. He has since grown into a true subject matter expert in industrial security.  He is one of four “triple Crown” credentialed professionals in the state of Michigan, and he leads our industrial division.

Bart Bennett began as an officer and is now our Director of Operations.  He is a nationally recognized subject matter expert in school security, has a master’s degree, and holds multiple credentials.

Terry Jones is our Vice President and he also started as an officer.  He is a nationally recognized subject matter expert in healthcare security.  Terry has a master’s degree and is credentialed through IAHSS. He is one of only a few with a triple crown designation through ASIS.

These are just three of our many credentialed managers who help lead our company.

People often ask what sets Teachout apart.

Well, it is all about training!  This starts with subject matter experts!  We create programs specific to your facility, train the assigned staff, and outperform virtually every other company in the industry. 

Expertise, specific programs, and high-performing leadership define who we are.

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