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Because Security “Training” Isn’t Enough

Crime statistics show that workplace violence is on the rise. Laws have been enacted that require employers to provide a working environment free from recognized hazards. Some insurance carriers are requiring companies to provide security personnel trained in “workplace violence mitigation.” Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA), defines workplace violence as:

“Any act or threat of physical violence, harassment, intimidation, or other threatening disruptive behavior that occurs at the work site.”

OSHA General Duty Clause, Section 5 (a)(1) states that “Each employer shall furnish to each of his/her employees, employment and a place of employment which are free from recognized hazards that are causing or are likely to cause death or serious physical harm to his/her employees.”

In addition, legislation has been passed that may require employers in the health care and social services industries to develop and implement workplace violence prevention plans to protect workers.

Is So, what is your responsibility as a business owner?

Several security companies advertise that their guards are “trained” to prevent workplace violence; but what does that mean? At Teachout Security, we can ensure that you are compliant. We provide the industry’s best-trained personnel, but we also focus on ensuring that our management team holds the industry’s highest level of certification in security practices and procedures.

Our commitment to certification and advanced training starts at the top with Joe Cozart, our President, and Chief Executive Officer. Joe is one of only two Certified Security Trainers (CST) in the State of Michigan.

Our Vice-President Terry Jones holds an MA in Criminal Justice. He and Jackson Branch Manager Derek Loomis lead the company in professional certifications which include the “Triple Crown” of security certifications with the Certified Protection Professional (CPP), Professional Certified Investigator (PCI), and Physical Security Professional (PSP).

They are 2 of the 5 “Triple Crowns” in Michigan and there are fewer than 200 in the world.

Terry also holds certification as Certified Healthcare Safety Professional (CHSP) and Certified Healthcare Emergency Professional (CHEP) as administered by the International Board for the Certification of Safety Manager (IBFCSM).

The Certified Protection Professional (CPP) is considered the “gold standard” certification for security management professionals and demonstrates your knowledge and competency in several key security disciplines. Typical skills developed include conducting a security risk assessment, risk mitigation techniques, developing awareness program metrics, threat recognition and mitigation, and physical and electronic surveillance integration. CPP certification is administered by ASIS International. ASIS International is the largest association solely dedicated to developing security professionals. Other CPP-certified members of Teachout Security include Director of Operations Bart Bennett, Director of Special Projects Tracy Marsh, and David Blank, Senior Branch Manager.

Certified Healthcare Protection Administrator (CHPA) is an internationally recognized credential for healthcare security leaders.  It is conferred by the International Association of Healthcare Security and Safety (IAHSS).  Three of our leaders hold the CHPA, Bart Bennett, Tammy Gauthier, and Terry Jones.

ASIS offers a range of education programs, publications, and events designed to support its members at every stage in their careers. Members are principally government and corporate security professionals. Their knowledge and expertise can identify, respond to, and mitigate threatening or intimidating behavior and violence before it threatens the workplace.

ASIS also provides a Workplace Violence Certification currently held by Terry Jones, Dave Blank, and Bart Bennett.

Jamie Small, Branch Operations Manager in Jackson, holds an SSMP ( Security Supervision and Management Program) certification from IFPO (International Foundation for Protection Officers).

Building upon this foundation of Excellence and Professionalism, Teachout Security has provided world-class security services at healthcare facilities throughout the Midwest for more than forty years.

When it comes to the prevention of workplace violence, we certify that your safety and security are our first priority.

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