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Drawing from the Same Pool of Candidates

The Teachout Difference

“Drawing from the same pool of candidates” is a term we have heard many times over the years In the contract security world. At first glance, it makes sense to many when looking at the available options for a contract security provider. Putting a person in a uniform to fill a post with minimal screening and training seems to be standard practice.

That doesn’t always lead to a positive outcome for the organization, the individual, or the client.

A good analogy is that multiple manufacturing companies may utilize the same raw materials and end up with very different products. How they develop those materials often leads to huge differences in quality, reliability, and performance. The failure of management to clearly define an organization’s goals and culture usually results in less-than-optimal performance and substandard returns.

At Teachout Security, our management leadership believes clarity of the organization’s goals and a focused operational strategy is fundamental to achieving excellence. Our officers are given proficiency training, a solid support platform, and opportunities to develop into Security professionals. That type of dynamic work environment delivers good results for our clients and keeps our organization at the top of the profession.

Many of our former officers have become the face of our company. They are leaders in our organization and are responsible for hiring and developing new officers and support staff. Our team members have a higher stake in the organization in which they serve, and our clients realize a higher standard of quality security services.

That’s the Teachout Security Solutions difference!

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