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Securing the Health Care Environment

We are often asked at Teachout Security Solutions to consult on security in the health care field. Most people think this involves parking lot security, concierge service at the front desk of the hospital, rolling patrols in marked vehicles, or a stationary uniformed officer at the Emergency Room entrance. It is that and considerably more.

The Teachout difference starts with the implementation of the Teachout Health Care Program. This includes a review of your existing policy manual by your staff and our Policies and Procedures Monitoring Group for completeness, compliance, and congruence with actual practices. A comprehensive report will detail the current state of the existing policy manual along with detailed recommendations for bringing your policy in alignment with current procedural best practices. Our goal is to create a culture of continuous improvement within your security program which will ensure policies are current and reflect the best practices in the industry.

We also offer an assessment of technology and physical security which will provide the health care facility’s Administration with identification of potential security issues and recommendations for improvement. If serious issues are uncovered, Teachout has the resources to commission a highly detailed security/safety/facilities risk assessment.

The Teachout difference continues with how our personnel are trained. Our health care staff training exceeds all industry standards. Our proprietary program encompasses new hire training, pre-assignment training, and in-service training. Our competitors usually only train to meet compliance standards. Our training exceeds the guidelines of the International Association of Healthcare Security and Safety, CMS, and The Joint Commission. We train for competence and document that training for compliance. Our personnel are trained to become complementary members of the facility staff with in-depth knowledge of emergency procedures, key personnel, and prioritized assignments within the facility. We come on board knowing our role in your facility’s Emergency Response Plan from Day One.

Our commitment to protecting you, your staff, your facilities, and your patrons include round-the-clock access to our senior management via our 24-hour dispatch. We also have standing meetings between Teachout and your facility team. Our personnel are trained to coordinate with local law enforcement for all serious incidents.

Our leadership team’s credentials include:

We enhance your facility’s security by bringing resources other programs do not even consider. For instance, many of our personnel are former military and law enforcement personnel who have been trained in identifying risk and maintaining situational awareness. All of them are also trained in emergency first aid and maintaining composure under pressure. Teachout’s proprietary program, Managing Agitated Patients, which includes the four critical elements to keep your team safe:

  • Pre-escalation in order to reduce incidents
  • Verbal de-escalation
  • Physical management (i.e. patient restraints)
  • Defensive tactics

We are not just a uniformed presence, we are a team of trained security professionals protecting your facility, your staff, and your patients with the highest standard of professional care.

Would you really want it any other way?


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