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Increased Hospital Violence and a Program to Manage It

According to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics in an article published in December of 2021, assaults against healthcare staff has increased 67%. The belief is this is attributable to Covid-19 and the stress on the healthcare system it has caused. Between the high volume of patients and the very

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Teachout Security to Begin providing Robotic Security Solutions

Teachout Security is proud to announce that they have partnered with RAD, Robotic Assistance Devices, to expand their portfolio of security solutions to include artificial intelligence security solutions. The partnership between Teachout and RAD will deliver artificial intelligence-based solutions that empower organizations to solve complex challenges while delivering an immediate return on investment. RAD has

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School Safety is Multileveled, Shared Responsibility

We can’t control it all, but we need to control what we can! In the aftermath of incidents such as the one that recently occurred in Uvalde, Texas, it seems all we see is blame. This person should have done this, the school should have done that, the parents didn’t do this, etc. In

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Who is Your Security Provider?

Security companies come in a variety of experience, quality, and ability levels. It is critical that you consider that when selecting a firm. If you are driven by price alone, you will choose the low-bidder and likely get inexperienced, untrained officers. That may be okay if you merely need someone to watch your parking lot,

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Teachout Continues to Lead the Way with Credentialed Security Professionals

Teachout Security continues to lead the way with their team of credentialed security professionals. Tammy Gauthier, a healthcare manager at Teachout Security, earned her Certified Healthcare Protection Administrator, CHPA, credential through the International Association for Healthcare Security & Safety (IAHSS) this week. Gauthier joins a large team of credentialed professionals employed by Teachout Security Solutions.

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Focus on Security Certifications and Professional Development Helps Teachout Security Solutions Serve Wide Range of Clients

Clients in a wide range of industries nationwide rely on organizations like Teachout Security Solutions to provide security services and support. However, the services and specific needs of each client can be wildly different depending on factors like industry, location, size, volume of customers, and more. That’s why Teachout takes credentialing through professional organizations seriously.

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