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Implementing a Threat Assessment Process in Schools

“Prevention must start before there is a gunman at the school door.” ~ Professor Dewey Cornell Liberty Mutual Insurance Company is widely known for its wacky television commercials featuring LiMu the Emu and his inept human cohort Doug, played by actor David Hoffman. What many people do not know is that Liberty Mutual is one

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Protecting Your Children’s Future

It’s not enough that Teachout Security is one of the highest qualified security providers in the Midwest. We also have a commitment to be prepared for and overcome any threat that arises in the communities that we serve. On August 2, a leadership team led by President Joe Cozart attended the 3-day Ohio School Safety

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Because Security “Training” Isn’t Enough

Crime statistics show that workplace violence is on the rise. Laws have been enacted that require employers to provide a working environment free from recognized hazards. Some insurance carriers are requiring companies to provide security personnel trained in “workplace violence mitigation.” Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA), defines workplace violence as: “Any act or threat

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Is Workplace Violence an After-Effect of COVID? In her recent article titled 15 Disturbing Workplace Violence Statistics for 2022,” technology and social commentator Teodora Dobrilova chronicled some of the darker ways in which the pandemic has affected our society. The stress of isolation and uncertainty of the information regarding the disease has caused an uptick

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Seasoned Security

Teachout Security Has More Than 40 Years In Professional Security There are quite a few listings when you look up the topic of “security services.” Many of them seem to have the same menu of offerings when it comes to defining just what those services are. So how do you differentiate? You could choose

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7 Steps to Protect Your Business from a Cyber Attack

The landscape is ever-changing when it comes to Cyber Security. Recent developments in Russia have resulted in the Federal Government issuing warnings to businesses in the U.S. to take every precaution to protect their critical data as the risk of cyber attacks from abroad continues to rise. Approximately 3.8 million records have been stolen from

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