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Security in the Retail Environment

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Background and Threat While the wars between Israel and Hamas and Russia and Ukraine continue to escalate, the threat of terrorist attacks in the United States has never been higher. The immigrant surge across our southern border of military-age males, coupled with the increased support of Hamas on college campuses and city streets, make up

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Act Faster and Have Trust in Your Security Plans

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Know exactly what risks you have before you get started. Hiring security officers as a safety deterrent is a good option but not always the right choice. Every company and every industry are as different as their risk-related factors. Identifying specific risks early on enables security professionals to act faster while many companies can

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Security Brief – November 2023

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Introduction We are now witnessing massive protests nationwide and globally to support the Palestinians and even Hamas. These protests call for continued violence against the Jewish community and those nations that support Israel. Over the past few weeks, protests in New York, Chicago, Detroit, and other cities have drawn thousands of marchers supporting the Palestinians

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Teachout at the Forefront of Active Shooter Training

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Are you prepared? Michael Morgan MA, Training and Corporate Compliance Manager at Teachout Security Solutions, was a presenter to the ASIS Southwest Region Chapter and Region 5 Homeland Security on October 18 at the Firekeepers Casino and Conference Center. The Civilian Response to Active Shooter Events (CRASE®) presentation he gave was well received by the

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Thinking of Strike Security?

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Let LAMP light the way. Strike security services are a critical component of securing your facilities and protecting employees prior to and during labor disputes. Teachout’s Labor Action Management Program (LAMP) combines over 40 years of experience to help you minimize the risks and threats inherent in strike situations. Our comprehensive LAMP program includes: Pro-active

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Teachout Leadership Team Attends IAHSS Conference

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The Teachout Security Solutions Team attended the International Association of Healthcare Safety and Security Conference and Exhibition in Nashville, TN earlier this month. The purpose of the conference is to continue shaping and advocating for the role of security and safety in healthcare. Leveraging the expertise of top subject matter experts in the field,

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Risk Management Equals Peace of Mind

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RISK MANAGEMENT (noun) The identification, evaluation, and prioritization of risks followed by coordinated and economical application of resources to minimize, monitor, and control the probability or impact of unfortunate events or to maximize the realization of opportunities. This starts with the identification of the risk. Risk comes in many different forms. There are the obvious

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